KONAleashes Reviews - Walker of Dogs

"Let me say, after one walk, I LOVE this leash. It is the perfect length to walk my kids either together on one side, or on either side of my body. The material is so comfortable, after a while I forgot I was holding a leash at all, no joke. It was just a natural feel, and the carabiners lock, which is an added bonus. And I am excited by the possibilities of this leash, especially using it with one end on one dog and another on a belt loop for hands free walks and training. Oh, and did I mention this leash has a lifetime guarantee? If it breaks (not in the jaws of your dog) they will replace it! But the best part is, its handmade in the USA, and every leash sold, they donate a pound of dog food to shelters. I love a company that gives back to dogs in need! Now if only they made one in olive green…I’d be in heaven! But seriously, we love this leash, the color, fabric, everything about it is awesome! Thank you Kona Leashes!"


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