Top 3 Complaints of New Dog Owners - KONAleashes

New to dog ownership? Here are the top 3 complaints for new dog owners:


1) Puppy Potty Training is tough

Yes, the most obvious of them all. Having a new dog/puppy can be a lot of work! Puppy potty training is a process. It takes time and determination. Be persistent and proactive when training your puppy to go outside.


2) Teaching my dog from right to wrong is tough

When housebreaking your new puppy it is important to remember:  Reward good behavior, do not punish bad. A puppy is much more likely to react and remember the reward of good behavior rather than the punishment of poor behavior. 


3) My dog isn't cuddly

Be a friend to your dog. Yes that is right. Through all the training, remember a new puppy or dog is first your best friend. Show them how to love, and love will be reciprocated!