Return Policy

  • Customers have 12 hours after they have ordered to cancel. This is due to the fact each item is handmade and the process to craft each item is started within the first few minutes of placing your order. After 12 hours, partial refunds (up to 60%) may be processed, as each item is handmade to order. After 30 days from order date, no refund will be possible. 


  • Shipping the item(s) back to our facility is required so our team can deem when and if a refund is possible. Any / All refunds are processed in house so unwanted/damaged/etc item(s) will have to be returned before any refund is issued.


  • Please note, any returned item(s) the customer will be responsible for shipping their items back to our facility - return labels will not be provided.


  • *Please note that items on sale are FINAL and a refund is not possible.
Please note that any and all items marked as "SALE" items and all shipping charges are NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes: invalid address, insufficient address, refused delivery, refused delivery due to international surcharge / taxes. 
Please read our LIFETIME WARRANTY.