"These rope leashes are built to last! They extremely durable with vibrant colors." - Sarah B. from Ohio
"This rope leash is the perfect length for training. With a longer leash, our dogs kept wrapping themselves around the handler, causing injuries. That is near impossible with this leash. The length also gives better control when near traffic or distractions that he would otherwise be tempted to run towards. We are in the process of training our dogs to be service dogs.Having full control gives us as owners peace of mind and this leash provides that control. I am so thankful for this leash!" - Katie D. from Florida
"We love our aqua leash! It is durable, colorful and most control I've had of a leash. And I just love what they're doing, donating to no kill shelters and humane societies." - Peyton R. from New York

"Love, love, love these leashes!! Very well made with lots of love put into them." - Josh F. from Kentucky
"We love our new leash, the colors are so vbrant! We also love how sturdy and durable it is ♡" - Hilda R. from California