Puppy Pack (Two Leash Pack)

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Have a new puppy? If so this pack is for you! 

A puppy is always growing and as we all know: BITING. Due to these two key factors of a puppy - we created a puppy pack. This pack is built for the new puppy parents who are looking to control and keep their new pup safe! 

This 2 leash pack comes with:

4ft Knot Leash with small carabiner

Slip Lead

The knot leash is the closest leash to a "chew-proof" leash that we have!

The slip lead is a GREAT choice for a puppy! A slip lead requires NO collar. As the puppy grows, so does the opening for their neck. This leash can be used for the rest of their life; however, it is highly recommend for new puppies!